Summer heat wave!

hey beautiful boy 🙂

Well one thing we have learned is that you are not a large fan of the heat! It has been a rough one the last few weeks, and it doesn’t seem to be ending! I am thankful we have AC to keep you cool, and I have been making sure to take you to AC’d places over spending much time outside. I feel so bad when your sweating and crying from all the heat. A week ago you puked from the heat, it made me so sad to see, but I laughed because you smiled after, it must have made you feel better. 

I can’t believe your 3 1/2 months, it blows my mind how time has just flown by. I miss your cuddling little baby self but at the same time I am beyond thankful you are a snuggler with me. If you are anything like your momma though, you will always love snuggles. 

This is us 4 days ago, I love that you love me wearing you! Probably one of my favourite things to do in the day, but I’m hating this heat because it has been to warm to wear you as often as I would like!

& this is your dad and Charlie with you at the trailer this past weekend! You have the best smile! 

I love you



On to months now!..

Well hello my baby boy!

You are now 3 months old, and a couple days! I can’t believe it! It doesn’t feel like 3 months ago I woke your dad up in the middle of the night telling him my water was leaking. It doesn’t feel like 3 months ago, I was eagerly awaiting meeting you and finding out what gender you were while going through the pains of labour. It doesn’t feel like 3 months ago I was surrounded by your family and pushing you out. It truly was the best day of my life thus far, and I suspect it will always be one of the best ones because I got to meet my baby boy! 

On your 3 month birthday you grew up so much, and took some big steps in life it felt like for me. You slept in the crib for the first time! I laid there listening to the monitor and hearing you breath, it felt weird not having you in the room with us! I then excitingly brought you into bed around 3am, still the best part of my night is cuddling you because you are nice and close and it feels right! 

You are one special boy and even though I would love to pause you growing up, I am so excited for what every day holds and how big you are getting. You make me a proud mom & I am always going to be proud of you. 

I love you always



12 weeks, 3 days

Hey my little guy,

Today dad and I took you to get your 2 month immunizations. To say the least it wasn’t fun, I hated seeing you cry the way you did. Its true what people say though, you won’t remember it, only I will. Being able to hold you through it,  love on you, and be able to feed you while you struggled through the pain of getting your shots gave me comfort though!

I gave you lots of extra cuddles today (you are never short on them though trust me), and you were a bit more sleepy then usual, but that was to be expected. I am very happy you didn’t get a fever or anything though, it made our evening a lot easier. Although you did fight sleep a bit. I hope you sleep good tonight, I am prepped to have a night of cuddles though if you need it. 

Tomorrow we are taking Eleora to her vaccinations with her mama. I am curious if you guys will be friends when I give you this. I have so many curiousitys of what you will be like when you are older. 

Tomorrow is also your granny’s 72nd birthday, we are going to the keg for the first time with you for dinner. The keg is a steakhouse, it’s a pretty nice resturant, but I have to say your dad makes better steaks then they do!

This is a photo from the other day. Your auntie Courtney and I took you out to see papa. I am so glad he has gotten the opportunity to meet you and cuddle you. It makes me wish my dad was able to meet you, but I am glad papa is still here. 

I love you my little man

Always, Momma

11 weeks, 5 days

Dear Kaeris,

This is you, today you are 11 weeks old and 5 days. It is amazing to me how much you have grown since day one. I can’t believe I had you almost 12 weeks ago. It seems like yesterday you were squirming around in my tummy, making me feel amazing. 

Watching you every day is the best feeling. Some of my favourite moments with you is when we wake up after cuddling in bed and you smile big at me. Your morning time is one of your happiest moments, full of smiles, coos, and kicks. I feel forever lucky that I get to wake up to your face after cuddling with you. 

Right now I am laying beside your dad while he sleeps, you are across the room in your bassinet sleeping as well (I think they say that moms should sleep when the baby sleeps haha) but I can’t help but lay here and think about you and life while I listen to your sounds. You sleep like me in a lot of ways, moving around, and also half on your back and half on your side. It is too cute. I am curious if I will sleep before you wake again, I won’t mind if I don’t tonight though, my time with you is some of my favourite times. 

I feel like I could write forever at the moment, I have a lot of things I want to share. This project is about time though, I will tell you so much, share with you my love for you, keep things posted for a time line and enjoy every moment of it.

I love you my boy.

Love, momma